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Randa to Introduce Technology to Leather Goods in 2020 for Cole Haan

NEW YORK, NY- March 2nd, 2020 // Randa Accessories, a global leader in apparel and accessories, is now working with iconic American lifestyle brand and retailer Cole Haan, to design, produce, and distribute a modernized generation of men’s and women’s belts, and men’s wallets and small leather goods.

Randa has developed a collection of lightweight and innovative belts and wallets that coordinate with the functional and fashionable needs of today’s Cole Haan consumer. The men’s collection, inspired by design elements from Cole Haan’s revolutionary ZERØGRAND footwear range, is launching in Spring of 2020, with a premium assortment of women’s belts coming in 2021.

Randa is leveraging Cole Haan’s expertise and forward-thinking design concepts to fuse tradition, modernity, and technology within the accessories landscape. New product assortments will focus on responsive cushioning, durability, and comfort within the belt and wallet categories.

“Cole Haan has been a natural source of inspiration for Randa for some time,” says Davina Scharrer, Vice President of Merchandising and Design. “Cole Haan gives our designers and merchants the chance to innovate and challenge the boundaries of what a normal belt or wallet is to our customer.” Scharrer continues, “Consumers are no longer content with a traditional belt or wallet. They are looking for accessories that provide them with all-day comfort and versatility within their wardrobe.”

Designing products that go above and beyond current consumer expectation is a skill that Randa has expertly nurtured over its 110-year tenure. “We have the opportunity to spearhead a movement in technology and innovation within the belt and wallet categories. Utilizing our in-depth consumer insights along with Cole Haan’s innovative technology and brand DNA to bring updated concepts to market,” says Randa Executive Vice President & CMO David J. Katz. “This association gives us the opportunity to create a new generation of accessories geared toward the ascendant, young professional.

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